Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What tickles your pickle?

I have a pretty darn impressive treasure trove of toys that I love to break out when my pets come to play.

There are butt plugs and dildos, cock rings and vibrators, handcuffs and whips, anal beads and vibrating eggs.  And of course, the cream of the crop (and my favorites) the strap-on cocks!

Toys can take an average sexual encounter and turn it into a fantasy fulfilling romp in the sheets.  All good boys should have some!

So what's your poison?  Send me an email (here) with your favorite toy (and why you love it) and I will send you a special XXX pic.  Now, that's what I call a fair trade *giggles*

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Female Orgasm and YOU

I have a lot of  men that love nothing more than pleasing me, and sometimes that's as simple as entertaining and amusing me (by following orders, of course *giggles*), but there are other times where they actually have to put some real effort into satisfying me.

I'm speaking of course, of the sometimes elusive female orgasm.  I have found that there are some men that simply have no clue when it comes to bringing a woman to climax.  This should be the main focus of all men!

In my time as a superior female (both professionally and in my private life), I have encountered two types of men and have discovered that this area is very black and white.  There are men that live only to make their woman come and there are men that are completely clueless and seem to feel like their time and their own orgasms are the gift that they bring to the table.  Guess which type of men get the time of day with me?

This may surprise you, but a superior woman can be forgiving in many aspects.  She will put up with your whining and neediness, your deviant desires, the many ways that a submissive male humiliates long as said male is not only able and willing, but talented with his mouth.  A good dose of oral servitude goes a long way!

So, if you haven't perfected your head game yet, what's stopping you?  Get yourself in a serving state of mind and get down on her *giggles*

Until next time,
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Heart BBC!

Who doesn't love a BIG, FAT cock?  This girl sure does! ;)

And we all know who has the biggest, fattest cocks, don't we??  That's right...BLACK guys! *giggles*

That BBC is some yummy stuff...I love having it stretch my tight, pink pussy and fill me up to the brim with hot load after hot load of jizz.  Mmmm hmmm!

Not only do I get to cum again and again while riding that big black cock, I get to hold all of that tasty, sticky sperm inside of me and then share my delicious cream pie with know that I love seeing you crawl across the bed to me on all fours and then lick and suck me clean.

You know that I deserve to be fucked by big man meat and that your place is in between my thighs, serving as my cleaner...and I love it!

What's your BBC fantasy?  Sucking it?  Fucking it?  Or watching as I am pleasured by it?

Any way you take it, big black cock is the gift that keeps on giving!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

A rape fantasy with a twist

Some men spend their whole lives treating their cock like a weapon…something to lord over women, to use against them.

Take one of my recent callers, Dave for example.  He was constantly picking random bitches up at bars and taking them into the alley behind the joint, his car or to a hotel to use them and abuse them.  He would fuck them in every way possible and degrade them until his balls were empty and the girl he had used as a hole was left there like a dirty tissue.

Dave kept on with his slutty behavior for years…until he met a couple of girls that changed his point of view (and his fucking habits) forever.  Dave went to his favorite pick up spot that night and saw the two hotties across the bar.  He marked them as sluts and an easy mark…boy, was he wrong!
The girls noticed him staring and accepted the drinks that he had sent over, as well as his invitation to join him at his motel room next door.  After closing and locking the door behind them, the girls went into the bathroom to “slip into something more comfortable,” while Dave eagerly stripped down to his birthday suit and laid back on  the bed with a rapidly hardening dick.

The first girl came out and told Dave that she and her friend had always had a rape fantasy and asked him if he would be up for the challenge.  Being a world class user and abuser of women, Dave said that he was more than happy to help them out and laid there with an expectant and shit eating grin on his face.

That was when the other girl came out of the motel’s bathroom, naked…except for a 9 inch strap-on cock.

“So, you want to help us with our rape fantasy, do you?”  Dave’s eyes got big and followed her big dick, as she came over to him on the bed.  “Time for you to get a taste of your own medicine, you filthy make whore!  We’ve heard all about you using women like your own personal sex toys, and decided that it’s your turn to be fucked and left like trash.”
The girls then took turns fucking him like a woman, in every imaginable position, for the rest of the night.  They fucked his tight little man pussy, they raped his mouth and spanked his ass.  So much fun!

Dave learned a very good lesson that night…don’t fuck with girls, cause sometimes they fuck back HARD! *giggles*


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rubbing one out alone is so boring!

Watching you jerk your cock for me makes me so WET!

And I know the thought of me guiding you to orgasm, giving you jerk off instructions....makes you HARD as fuck, so why not enjoy ourselves together?  If masturbating alone has gotten boring and you need a sexy voice to guide you into one hot orgasm, it's time to jump on the guided masturbation bandwagon!

Admit it...watching me play with my hot, wet pussy through my cum filled panties drives you crazy and makes you want to do anything and everything that I makes you vulnerable and open to instruction, which is just how I like you *giggles*

Want to hear more about how I will TEASE and TITillate you? You can read all the tease and please stories you want at 

Why not grab your cock and your phone and play with me?  Let's get dirty...TOGETHER!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Phone Sex with a Size Queen

You’ve always had that creeping doubt in your mind…that you just don’t measure up.

Guess what?  You’re RIGHT! *hahaha*

Hot bitches like me don’t fuck men with teeny tiny peckers.  In fact, you’re good for one thing and one thing only.  Entertainment!

I was chatting with one of my favorite small penis humiliation guys the other day and mentioned to him that I have an entire penis size chart in my head and that if you don’t make the cut, you end up wearing panties and rubbing your little clitty while I tease and torment you with my big natural tits and wicked giggle.  The thought of you sitting there in your cum filled panties tickles me pink!

Go on and admit…the thought of a hot, young size queen like me laughing her ass off at you gets that wee willy winky of yours all plumped up and twitching.  I can just see you there, on the other end of the phone…whimpering, moaning and thrusting your hips up, wanting to FUCK a tight hole so badly, but knowing that you don’t have the TOOL for the job *hahahaha*

But don’t worry, loser…you are still good for some things and the best part is that being used and abused is what makes BOTH of us happy and gets that little chiclet in your pants dripping and leaking and creaming for me.

So much fun!  I can’t wait to chew you up and spit you out *giggles*

Until then…

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